All I want for Christmas… Reviews!

Hi all,

Some of you might know that my previous website was hacked and I was told it was so far gone that I should just rebuild it. Well, I don’t do things half way. I not only started a rebuild, but I moved my domain as well. As a result my SEO (how I pop up on Google) has dropped horribly and I haven’t been getting the opportunity to meet and serve more wonderful people like yourselves. When looking at ways to boost my page I noticed that no one has been writing me reviews. This means you are either unhappy with my services (gee I hope you’d tell me if so), or you simply didn’t realize that you could do such a thing.

So! Here is how you write me a review!

Go to Google and type in “Cherish Live Dream Photography” and hit “Search”. I will pop up much like you see in the image. Then simply click on “Write a Review”. From there just follow the instructions and give me what you feel is the appropriate rating.


I appreciate you taking the time to help me in my SEO efforts!