Brought to you by Neewer

It’s funny how you don’t realize you like a particular brand until you receive a box from “Amazonclaus” and every single item is from the same brand even though you purchases from different shops.

I’ve been battling creating a mobile setup that would be friendly in the great outdoors for years. After the busted strobe incident followed by the bent brolly box on a different shoot, I’ve been shooting with a hot shoe Speedlight only. Life would be simpler with an assistant but hey we make do with what we got.

So enter in Neewer. I like Neewer. The products are cheap but not cheaply made. With my current track record of equipment abuse, I need to be smart with my purchases. Trying to stay light weight and portable I picked up a couple 24″ popup boxes with Speedlight rings, sandbags and some new remotes (cheap…use for 3 years and toss). Everything is Neweer.

I guess I have a new fav brand LOL!

Looking forward to testing everything out then taking to a shoot next week.