Mobile Rig 3.1

Well here it is!

A new take on my previous golf caddy rig. I absolutely love bungie cords and this thing is held together with them. I added a milk crate and a small accessory bag by the handle (that was Velcro and zipties) I’m still not happy with how much the light stand wobbles but again, a little bungie reinforcement and we’re good to go. Version 3.2 may have a more ridgid stand.

The rig also includes a second separate light stand, Speedlight, softbox and sandbag. Perfect for larger groups.

This setup is great for outdoor sessions with modified light but I think I prefer actual strobes and such for indoor location sessions.

You may ask, “Why build something like this?” I’m a one woman show. Someday I might have an assistant but on-call part-time help is difficult to come by.

Yes, that’s my dog Ripley being part of the test crew. The house is a mess, cat toys and all LOL (I’m human)

Taking this thing out today. I might not need it but I’ll have it just in case.