Long Overdue Website Rebuild

I have been putting it off literally for years!

You know the whole adage about the cobbler and his children’s shoes? Well, that is what happens to me. Besides running this studio I also have a company called KindaWonderful where I offer branding consulting and graphic design, ie websites. So one would think my own websites would be absolutely stellar. Not so much the case. I get stuck in my own head and I cannot design for myself. The words just do not come and the design process gets rather constipated. Then with a photography site, I cannot even choose my own favorite images. I go completely mental LOL!

This time I decided to do things differently. I threw all high-brow design aside and began with a conversation. I thought about what I would like to say to you if you and I were to meet at a coffee shop. I really wanted to make a connection on a personal level. I got beyond the organizing of galleries by simply being inspired by Instagram. We all have it, we all love it, so why not just do a random gallery right there on my front page. You can see all sorts of my photography throughout the years. I think there might even be some from my first year back in 2009. Memory Lane… ahhhh! LOL!

So I hope you all like it. Its all from the heart.