Winning pageant headshots

As part of my ‘Live’ menu. I offer services in corporate, competitive (pageant) and social headshots. January is now past and the pageant season is now starting to rev up. I had a wonderful experience this past weekend judging the preliminary Sunburst pageant at the Avenues mall. It reminded me that many folks might not have a plan in place for their pageant headshots. My first bit of advice is not to put it off to last minute. Quality takes time and you want the best shots you can possible have. Book now while we still have cool weather and sunny skies.

Studio sessions begin at $100 and you can get a natural light portfolio session for $275. This session includes 3 looks and 6 retouched images. You probably want to know “why so cheap?” As you might know, you will need MANY photos over the years competing in pageant. I want the sport to be affordable and have you coming back to see me every year.winning headshots