Cherish Live Dream Photography is a small studio that delivers big results. I specialize in individual and small group portraits. Not saying larger groups are not welcome, but it’s just like catchphrase says: “small studio”, ie we’d have to go explore nature or the beach together if your group is larger than say five people. 🙂 

I don’t limit myself to one particular type of photography. I have photographed a bit of everything including newborns, children, families, pets, boudoir, modeling, seniors, pageants, headshots, products, and even commercial buildings. I do tend to have a bunch of headshots. My other company KindaWonderful offers photography as part of its branding services. The two companies do overlap as they are both run by the fabulous crew of me, myself and I. LOL!

In the studio, I have a small collection of traditional backdrops and couple funky ones but I honestly enjoy a nice solid white, black or grey. Something nondistracting and timeless. Why? Well, it allows the focus to be on you and your amazingly beautiful face(s). I believe in connection whether it be with you and me (the camera) or you and your family.

Lighting options in the studio include faux window light as well as strobes. Natural light adventures are always welcome. Just keep in mind that just after dawn and just before dusk is best to keep the squints at bay.

The Gallery.

This is where I’ll be displaying all the types of photography that I do. They will be random in order, some from the same session, and all different genres. I’ll add to them periodically. In all honesty, it might be a “hot mess” but my inspiration is that of my own personal Instagram (I have that too, but it’s for my other business and macro photography LOL)

Click on the images to see them full-sized as these are thumbnails.

You Are Beautiful… Let Me Show You!

The Blog.

Here are my odd ramblings and specials.

My goodness how times flies! (Especially when you are busy!)

My goodness how times flies! (Especially when you are busy!)

We are officially past the halfway mark of 2019! I have been focusing much on my branding business Kindawonderful and have met so many wonderful entrepreneurs and small business owners. There are some seriously amazing people in this world of ours and it is a...

Riley – 2018 Modeling Portfolio Session

Riley – 2018 Modeling Portfolio Session

I have been working with Riley for years! As you peruse my portfolio you will see many striking images of this lovely young lady. She has aspirations of going into modeling and I don't see any reason why she should not. This girl is going places!

Mobile Rig 3.1

Mobile Rig 3.1

Well here it is! A new take on my previous golf caddy rig. I absolutely love bungie cords and this thing is held together with them. I added a milk crate and a small accessory bag by the handle (that was Velcro and...

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