Month: December 2014

More Christmas!

Now this session was a true test to how many people would fit in my studio. Including myself, we had nine! Can you imagine it? It was even mostly comfortable. C. B.’s family is a fun group. I love seeing all the playful antics and dynamics. I got to play with another card layout. I […]

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Bringing Some Christmas Joy!

Showing off one of my Christmas mini sessions that included card design. What a handsome bunch these guys were. They “said” they were not fun, but I sure did have a blast working with them to get their holiday portraits.

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All I want for Christmas… Reviews!

Hi all, Some of you might know that my previous website was hacked and I was told it was so far gone that I should just rebuild it. Well, I don’t do things half way. I not only started a rebuild, but I moved my domain as well. As a result my SEO (how I […]

Vintage Tree

What is “Instagramification”? I don’t always have my professional camera with me, so I like to take shots that are of interest to me with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. These are not by any means fine art, but just me taking notice of something and sharing it. See them all here.Posted by Intagrate v1.7.6

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My secret shoot location (sshhhhush)

I found this wonderful place to shoot near my studio that actually looks like Fall (in late November). This will be my favorite location for a while… or until they put up a large fence, LOL! Ms. M. and her two boys were a blast to hang out with. We were fearing rain and the […]

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