Chasing a toddler is dirty work

I like to say I’m not a pageant photographer but I do take competition shots LOL! I am more of a natural photographer because, indeed, it is what I do best. Luckily headshots, modeling and portfolio photography can all be done with a natural touch. In the pageant circuit, my style is well suited for […]

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Congrats Elizabeth!

Check out shots from Elizabeth’s portfolio session. We had a thunderstorm brewing and for being “early” in the year it was hot and muggy. She was a trooper, changing clothes on the fly and running about a park chasing the shade, then sun, then shade… such weird lighting that day. I cannot be happier with […]

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Winning pageant headshots

As part of my ‘Live’ menu. I offer services in corporate, competitive (pageant) and social headshots. January is now past and the pageant season is now starting to rev up. I had a wonderful experience this past weekend judging the preliminary Sunburst pageant at the Avenues mall. It reminded me that many folks might not […]

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